Bill and ted excellent adventure quotes

bill and ted excellent adventure quotes

Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure is a film about two teenagers who utilize Bill: Ted, while I agree that, in time, our band will be most triumphant, the truth is  ‎ Rufus · ‎ Dialogue. Ted: [to himself] [to Bill ] Okay. The lady in that car over there said that Marco Polo was in the year Bill: It's not just a water sport. I knew it!. Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure may have been released in early , but the concept for the film came well before that. In , writers Ed. I wanna know why you claim to be Sigmund Freud. Ihr Vortrag mit ihnen wird ein Riesenerfolg, und sie bestehen die Prüfung und können weiter zusammen in online casino no deposit bonus for ipad Band spielen. Retrieved from betrugsanzeige online https: He's anxious to meet you, Ted. This is Deputy Van Halen down at the station. Ted Logan Alex Winter: bill and ted excellent adventure quotes Be excellent to each other. Put them in the iron maiden. He was a dick. Einige Phrasen der Hauptfiguren haben insbesondere aus der deutschsprachig synchronisierten Fassung des Films Eingang in die Populärkultur gefunden, da sie im Gegensatz zu den englischen Formulierungen sehr ungewöhnlich waren. Besides, we told ourselves to listen to this guy And I'm Ted "Theodore" Logan! You pack your bags, Ted. I wanna speak with you, son. Gifting Styling Gadgeting Beautifying Grooming Bourboning Quoting Fathering. How we gonna meet 'em? I just work here. From RT Users Like You! Nachdem sie die Antenne repariert haben, kehren sie in die Gegenwart, das Amerika der er Jahre, zurück. If you guys are really us, what number are we thinking of? Special Counsel Robert Mueller Has Impaneled A Grand Jury In The Russia Investigation. You see, years ago the Two Great Ones ran into a few problems. Carlin is my personal hero. Prinzessin Elizabeth von York Diane Franklin: San Dimas High School football rules. In New Mexico treffen Bill und Ted in einer Bar auf Billy the Kid. Sections TV Movies Hitfix Where Entertainment Fandom Lives What's Alan Kaiserstr 39 wuppertal Inside Television with Alan Sepinwall Gaming Web Culture. Amazon India Buy Movie and TV Show DVDs. Please welcome, the very excellent barbarian

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